Why Us

We Support our Community

We care about you, your clients and your organizations, and we want you to be the best person and professional you can be! We strive to offer you unique and engaging CEU options because we care about the quality of CEU in our state for our social workers. The continuing ed that you get directly affects our community’s ability to grow and succeed. You’re not just a number with us – you’re part of the family.

To top it all off, we support our community by donating a portion of the program fees to local nonprofits that are making our community a better place to live and work. We like to highlight organizations that you might not have known about while also providing them with new opportunities for exposure, too. 🙂

Since 2016, a portion of the CEU proceeds were donated to the following nonprofits:

  1. Resolve Mediation Group, dedicated to empowering our community through swift and affordable conflict resolution options
  2. Save our Cemeteriesdedicated to the preservation, promotion, and protection of New Orleans’ historic cemeteries through restoration, education, and advocacy
  3. Seasons Grief & Loss Center, dedicated to specialized bereavement programs for our community’s healing as a whole, and especially for our youth

Want to have your nonprofit considered for a donation? Email us: ceu@smwplc.com. Tell us who you are, your role, and what your nonprofit does to meet its mission.

Hil and Sheila - Sheila
Our Founder, Sheila

CEU Feedback

  • “Very informative and engaging!”
  • “Really informative! Thank you also for not just letting people tell personal stories for hours.”
  • “Very dynamic, learned & informative speaker!!”
  • “Sheila is outstanding!”
  • “I will use this both professionally and in my personal life”
  • “Awesome presenter!”
  • “I have learned a lot of new information to give my clients”
  • “This class was great. I learned more than I expected, which is very relevant and useful to my clients and personal life.”
  • “[Sheila] more than met my expectations. Over the phone, I thought [she’s] so enthusiastic, it’s contagious. I was right and then some.”
  • “I was truly pleased with this CEU, learned a lot in reference to the different types of laws and how they truly don’t just address equality.”

Undergraduate & Graduate Student Feedback

  • “Ms. Wilkinson was a breath of fresh air for me. I don’t know where to start. Great instructor, great person! Thank You! Ms. Wilkinson provided me with the insightful and observant feedback and encouragement that helped me to re-group and to become focused. She was always prepared and the she provided the class with exercises that gave insight to the applications of the material. My regret is that I only had her for one class and that I can’t finish my last class with her. I would be able to end my stay at the university on a positive note.”
  • “Ms. Sheila Wilkinson is an excellent instructor. Make no mistake she is strict. However, now that we are at the end of our course, I just accept it as her pushing her students to their maximum potential.”
  • “Great instructor, she made an uninteresting subject very interesting. She challenged us, and allowed us to learn Employment Law in its practical sense.”
  • “Excellent instructor to teach this course. From the first class, I could tell the instructor, Ms. Wilkinson, knew the material and brought a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the class.”
  • “Just wanted to thank you for your valuable feedback and kind words on the final presentation, but also for the course in general. I feel motivated, rewarded and more confident, but most of all I feel that I have learned quite a lot. Thanks again for everything and I shall definitely take your feedback into account going forward!”
  • “Sheila Wilkinson is a great teacher. She creates interactive scenarios, which is great so the students can sort of get a feel about what happens in a real scenario.”

Colleague Kudos & Feedback

  • From Lee B.: “My daughter asked, “Is she always so positive?” My reply was “Always.” Thanks for embodying “all things work together for the good.” Amen.”
  • From Barbara H.: “Sheila is a model faculty member who consistently hosts her classes with a variety of approaches and activities that engages students, peaks their interests in a way that has them remaining in class for a full evening.”
  • From Melissa L.: “Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have displayed over the years! You’ve had a difference on countless lives!”
  • From Judi V.: “Sheila, congratulations on reaching 5 years as a facilitator for the Metairie Learning Center. We appreciate your commitment to changing the lives of our students, their families and future generations through higher education.”
  • From Lee B.: “Sheila, Thanks for embodying the virtue of inclusive community.”
  • From Heather C.: “Thank you for going out of your way to give us the extra assistance we need to be more successful in our everyday lives! You make it easier for each of us to achieve our ultimate goals!! Team work truly makes the dream work! You’re amazing!!!”
  • From Christine G.: “Together, we are living the “Short Mission: We change the lives of our students, their families and future generations through higher education.” It’s a pleasure to work as part of your team!”